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TFLOW launches its Trading Engine

TFLOW Trading Engine Build a BTC Trading Bot

TFC Services Inc. the Company that operates the TFLOW Utility token is announcing the launch of its Trading Engine as a service. TFLOW is a token on the Binance Smart Chain and the Holders by purchasing and staking TFLOW tokens can get access to the TFLOW Trading Platform.

The platform offers copy trading services and the TFLOW Holders can connect their exchange accounts for trading futures with the TFLOW Bots. There are two services available. The TFLOW BTC/USDT Bot for trading futures on Binance and the TFLOW ETH/USDT Bot for trading futures on the same exchange as well.

The TFLOW Team has now completed its Trading Engine Software and is now launching the Trading View Version.

The Trading Engine comes in the form of a strategy script and it offers the ability to the TFLOW Holders to combine 35 different trading strategies in order to set up their own Bots or trade manually. The Engine can produce 1000+ combinations so any user can have the privilege of researching the best option for any coin and any time frame they prefer.

The Trading Engine users will be able to back test their strategies and then connect their Bot to execute the trades. The Trading Engine as a service is offered under a subscription model that is paid in TFLOW tokens.

John Aslanis CEO of TFLOW stated: “ We are really proud of our work on the TFLOW Trading Engine and we are also really happy that we are now in position to offer access to this technology to the general public. This will strengthen the value of the TFLOW token and will offer a value research tool to our Holders.”

You can find more details for the TFLOW Trading Engine here.

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