TFLOW Blockchain announces the results of its Trading Technologies Platform - TFLOW


TFLOW Blockchain announces the results of its Trading Technologies Platform

TFLOW Blockchain has officially concluded the development of its trading algorithms that focus on Futures Trading. The Company worked closely with their Strategic Partner A-Quant that completed the task of developing, testing and auditing the algorithm results.

TFLOW is a utility token developed on the Binance Smart Chain and is directly connected to providing access to the TFLOW Trading Technologies and Platform. The Holders will gain access to the TFLOW Platform and will be able to connect their exchange accounts with the platforms Trading Bots. TFLOW has initiated the construction of its platform that will host all of the ecosystem services.

These will include Trading Bots, Investment Pools, Market Indicators, Metaverse and NFT Fund and Staking Services as well.  

The trading algorithm has provided solid results by combining buying low and selling high and at the same time when selling high the algo opened short positions to bet against the market. The results for specific coins are as follows:

BTC/USD Testing Period 19/02/2018 to 28/05/2022 Return 2594%.

ETH/USD Testing Period 19/02/2018 to 28/5/2022 Return 1933%

AVAX/USD Testing Period 23/10/2020 to 28/05/2022 Return 3033%

VET/USD Testing Period 29/09/2018 to 28/05/2022 Return 18197%

FTM/USD Testing Period 02/12/2018 to 28/05/2022 Return 177696%

LUNA/USD Testing Period 28/08/2019 to 24/05/2022 Return 11465%

All results can be certified by TFLOW Technical Partners A-Quant.

John Aslanis CEO of TFLOW stated: “We are very proud to see all of our hard work pay off. Mastering Crypto Trading is the Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency. We have managed to make a tremendous breakthrough, and most importantly, this is now certified by an external partner and not us. Even during the LUNA crash, our algorithm offered significant returns and stopped trading weeks before the crash. We are now focused on finalizing our platform and offering the opportunity to every TFLOW Holder to have our technology available when it comes to taking trading decisions. We are now open to working with Crypto Funds and Institutional Investors. Every Crypto Investor must conduct their research before they invest, and past results cannot guarantee future performance in an extremely volatile and fragile market such as the Crypto Market.”

Spiros Margaris Lead Advisor at TFLOW stated: “With their algorithm, John Aslanis and his TFLOW team have shown awe-inspiring results, and I am convinced that their offering will be of great use to all crypto industry investment participants.”

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