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TFLOW Algo Beta Version for Trading View

Dear TFLOW Holders,

In this post we are sharing the video tutorial on how to use the TFLOW Algo Beta Version in Trading View. We are sharing an extremely useful methodology on how to spot trends in specific timeframes so you can then be able to trade in smaller timeframes.

Go to the Weekly Chart and use the Heikin Ashi Candles. Mark the latest red candle with a vertical line. Then go to the Daily Chart and wait for the 1st Short Signal. You can now open a short position and wait to close it when the 1st Purple Take Profit Signal appears. You can select to close the position when the 1st Long signal appears. It is up to you to decide. When you spot a downtrend then you go after the Short Signals only. You can also use the 4H chart to spot a trend through the Heikin Ashi Candles and trade on smaller timeframes such as the 10min chart.

When you spot an uptrend then you go after the Long Signals, and you can take your profits when the 1st Green Take Profit signal appears. Do not use leverage above 1 and use this indicator as a trend analysis tool only.

In order to get access to our Indicator you must be a Tier2 Holder. Check all details here.

Make sure to read our Terms and Conditions before you use our service.

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