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Build a BTC Trading Bot with the TFLOW Trading Engine

TFLOW Trading Engine Build a BTC Trading Bot
In this Tutorial we are going to show you how to build a BTC Trading Bot on the Trading View platform with the use of the TFLOW Trading Engine. In order to have access to the TFLOW Trading Engine in Trading View you have to purchase one of our three access packages available on our e-shop. You will have to set up a Metamask Wallet and have some USDT available. Our payment gateway will make the swap to TFLOW automatically.

Testing Period August 2017 to today (June 2023)

1209% ROI (Initial Capital 10k, Order size 14K)

136079% ROI (Order size 100% of equity)

Testing Period January 2023 to June 2023

107% ROI (Initial Capital 10k, Order size 14K)

Here are the BTC 4H settings.

Discover more about the TFLOW Trading Engine here.

Find TFLOW on CoinMarketCap here.


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